Raoul Reynold MENDOZA

It is with great sadness that we announce the sudden passing of Raoul Mendoza the afternoon of August 20, 2022, outside the town of Oyen, just east of Calgary.

Raoul is survived by his wife Bernadette; his sons Gabriel, Roman and Julian. His parents Fe Estacio Mendoza, and Rey Mendoza (Carmelita). His brothers Rommell (Suzanne), Randy (Jennifer). Mother-in-law Sol Marcos, sister-in-law Belinda (Jayden), and brother-in-laws Joseph (Maria) and John (Diana). Nieces Malaya, Tayla, Harper, Mila and Zoey. Nephews Eli, Ellis, Quinn and Ezra. Many uncles, aunts, friends, and extended family.

Raoul is predeceased by his father-in-law Benjamin Marcos and his grandparents.

A simple funeral service will be held:

August 25, 2022 at 10 am.

St. Thomas More Catholic Church

210 Haddow Close

Edmonton, AB

Reception to follow in the church courtyard.

Video feed/link of the funeral service


Burial will take place on a future date.

Raoul was born on August 18, 1978 in Edmonton, AB. He was the middle child with two brothers. Raoul lived in North Edmonton for a short time before his family settled for the remainder of his childhood in Morinville, AB. He and his friends in Morinville had a bond from elementary school all the way to high school at Morinville Community High School (MCHS). They all had nicknames for each other: J-Dub, Sweaty Bell, Swerda, Frenchie, Adac, Big City, Mini, The Clowne, Ad Roc, Dre Day, Gibus, Baumle, Dougie, Bertrand, Mikey, Maj, Kinezo, Big Shawny Tunes, and Nauty (To name a few, and this is just a few). Raoul’s nickname was Radio (I don’t quite remember all the facts about how he got this nickname, something about a Cuba Gooding Jr movie – maybe ask Jay Wilson). There are so many stories to mention their shenanigans as they were growing up. Find someone from the Morinville crew and you will hear stories that can go on for days. One day I hope his three sons hear all the stories, even the non-PG stories, because it shows how much fun, love and comradery there is between everyone.

Raoul went to three high schools – Morinville Community High School – MCHS (up to grade 11), Eastglen High School (Edmonton – They had a specialized arts program Raoul was fortunate to be accepted into), and Archbishop O’leary Catholic High School (Edmonton – to upgrade some of his courses). Some people didn’t realize he left MCHS or some people thought Raoul graduated with them at MCHS. Which is funny because he was only one of three Filipino kids in Morinville at the time. It just shows what an impression he left with them.

Raoul and Rommell moved out to Edmonton on their own, so Raoul could attend Eastglen High School and Rommell could attend NAIT. As two single bachelors their diet consisted of fast food, mac and cheese, spaghetti, and pop tarts – with a side of Nutella (Raoul loved his Nutella).

After his high school tour, Raoul was accepted into the Art and Design program at the U of A. Here he met a new group of design friends and built friendships that again continued to this day. Raoul was meticulous in all his projects. There were many long nights working on projects, with many late night eats at Ho-Hos. You could always know Raoul was coming because you could hear the swish swish of the track pants he wore almost all the time. Then there was the ” The Embassy” in the central academic building (CAB). “The Embassy” was composed of mostly Filipino, and many others who would always sit at the same table at one end of CAB. Skipping Econ, eating bad fries and Spam, taking naps, doing assignments, and forming lifetime friendships.

Raoul as our friend Ian put it “[Raoul] would provide the wit and key insights to help you though [our university days]. It was fun being with Raoul, but you also came out brighter and enlightened (if not sore from laughing). He projected positivity – which made you feel at home with him in the process, tacitly and incidentally we all became entangled – in the best ways where the present would connect us for the future. Through the years, we all were each other’s cheerleaders for our life achievements and milestones. Unsurprisingly, Raoul had many of them – and on the way he left his mark on many others the same way he did at University”. Raoul graduated from the University of Alberta in 2001, with a Bachelor of Design in Business and Marketing

Professionally worked for various companies as a graphic designer. He was chosen as an intern at Toronto’s Interbrand-Tudhope to work as a graphic designer. He beat out all of Canada to get this position. He then came to work for Red Engine and Yellow Pencil in Edmonton each for a couple of years. Raoul started his own design firm DirtyLab Brand Communications (2004), and now Nice Work Branding & Graphic Design (2014). He also partnered with his close friend Tina to form Yummy Me! (2018) – handmade self-care products sold locally in Edmonton. He has left his creative designs all over the industry from the University of Alberta, Government of Alberta, Cookies by George (just to name a few), and the one that still is here today, the logo to Driving Force.

And let us not forget about his fashion sense; from the hair, to the clothes, and home design. For a period, his hair went from bowl cut, to undercuts, fluffy, helmet head, dragon ball hair, highlights (including frosted tips), side band swept with hair clips, spiky short hair, bald, and now his current short side and side swept short top. Then his clothing – everything he wore was anything but regular, loud, flamingo shirts, well cut jeans, white pants!, baggy pants, pink striped shirts, floral shirts, fancy shoes, Doc Martins, Converse. He always looked well put together, even on a casual day to run errands. If in doubt about what you are wearing, just ask Raoul. Except for the time he looked like raided “a boy band clothing shoot.” I told him once “N’Sync called, they want their denim vest back!”. He didn’t care, it was his style. Except when we went to weddings or galas. It was a hard no for me for him to wear sneakers with his suit.

Raoul had commitment in everything he did. If he said he was going to do something he kept his word and stuck with it. He started running which led to Spartan, Ironlegs, Ultra Marathon, Beast races, and his 100 km that he did on his own to make up for the race he was unable to attend. So many races, so many trips, again meeting new people, and achieving his running goals. If you spoke to Raoul, he doesn’t even like running. But if he said he was going to do something, he had to do it.

Over the last two years, Raoul developed a huge interest in Scotch, Whisky, Bourbon, and Rye. Being stuck at home like most of us, he found something to occupy his “captivity” at home. He found new people online across Canada who shared his love for Whisky. His online posts with the infamous Dinosaur was his trademark background. It became his trademark when posting a new find. He would geek out late at night with his Whiskey friends, having many online drams and talking about the “hints of vanilla, chocolate and woody flavours” one could decipher with each whiskey. For example, we would share whiskey late at night but my descriptions would be it either burned or not. Never as eloquent or detailed as Raoul’s description of the whiskey. He could talk your ear off. I would just nod and drink. His collection grew to an impressive range of rare and interesting finds. He even found many of his “unicorns”, including one from the year he was born 1978.

Raoul and I (Bernadette) met the summer of 1996, at Pigeon Lake, AB. He wore a huge white Raiders t-shirt, had funny hair, and what looked like an attempt at growing a moustache. Needless to say, he had a “great personality.” When I left the lake, I “thought” I would never see him again. But he remembered my last name, and the side of the city where I lived. He took out the phone book and a transit map of Edmonton and determined which phone number was mine. Some might consider this stalking, but for him I was interesting. I was a “diamond in the rough” as he put it, and he accepted a personal challenge to redesign my fashion sense. We started dating Dec 1997, were off and on for a couple of years, but after a trip to the Philippines together in late 2005, decided he wanted more. We were engaged in December 2006 and were married on August 16, 2008. Life together had its challenges, but also its joys. We fought, we laughed, we cried, we were silly. No matter what life threw our way, no matter how hard it was between us, we always found our way back to each other, and worked to make us better. In the end we were in such a wonderful place, that all the issues we had did not matter anymore, and only the joy and the life, and love we had built together to this point was important.

Raoul and I travelled around the world mostly together and sometimes apart (to name a few, of course Canada and the US, France, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Japan, the Philippines, and United Arab Emirates (UAE). So many trips, so many memories. We survived travelling just the two of us for long periods of time. There were many more places we had planned to see.

After about three years of marriage, we had three boys, Gabriel (10), Roman (7), and Julian (5). Family meant everything to Raoul. These boys meant everything to Raoul. He was firm, but fun with them. He recently taught them how to clean the floors properly. And if you have seen our house, the floors are uber clean thanks to Raoul. He taught them if you are going to do something, do it right and do it properly. He wanted his sons to grow up to be better than he was, to be kind to each other, to be all they could be. Every day was a silly day and fun day, mixed with structure and rules. And then there were the unending puns, funny faces, making fun of mommy and especially the “Dad jokes”. There was a “Dad joke” all the time. Raoul played with his sons and loved them more than anything in the world. Remind the kids of their dad with a “Dad joke” or something silly.

There was a presence when Raoul spoke to you. There was wit, charm, positivity and of course connection. He heard you when you spoke, supported you when you needed help, or wanted to reach a goal. He had a knack making things funny, being creative, fashionable, clearer, and insightful. He was so talented in everything he did, created and projected. Raoul left an impression on you. Made you feel loved, appreciated, challenged, and a little bit better than you were before.

No words can express the loss we feel, but so many words can express the wonderful memories we experienced with Raoul.

With love and care I say goodbye

You live forever in our hearts

You filled our lives with so much joy

I’ll even miss your farts


If I could hold your hand one more time

And see you smile at me

The world would be whole again

And not just a memory


Remembering him is easy, we do it every day. Missing him is the heartache that never goes away.

Until we meet again, rest in peace Raoul.

Love you,





  1. Philip and Gemma

    Prayers and sympathies Bernadette and kids 🙏
    May his soul rest in peace 🙏

  2. Jennylynn

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I remember Raoul from our days back at the U of A. We all had a great time back then and Raoul was a big part of that. Sending my condolences and my heart goes out to Bernadette and her boys and Raoul’s family. So so sorry for your loss.

  3. Mike

    Deepest sympathy to all your families may you all find comfort especially the kids his such a great guy may he Rest In Peace… may the perpetual light shine upon him…

    • Amanda brown

      Bernadette my prayers to you and your family sorry this happened and may he Rest In Peace

  4. Danielle

    Raoul and I worked together at Incite briefly, but in that short period of time, we bonded quickly, mostly over our love of fashion. We stayed in touch, mostly through social media, and during the pandemic he connected me to his friend Mike, who brought my young daughter a lot of joy with his character costumes when her world came to a grinding halt. I will never forget his kindness sense of humour and fantastic hat collection. I’m in complete shock that he is gone and sending all my love to his family. His wife and boys were clearly his pride and joy. May his beautiful spirit live on through you all. I’m so sorry for your loss. There are no words.

  5. Lori Pittard

    Your words of love are simply beautiful and amazing. Even in your time of shock and grief you’ve captured every little detail. My heart aches for you and the boys. Sending lots of love from New Zealand. Lori

  6. Zac LaRocque-Walker

    I am so terribly sorry for your loss Berna. I remember first meeting you guys back in my early WEM days, and chatting with Raoul whenever I had a chance about design when I was going to GMAC and the U. He was always so helpful and would give me little tips and advice on whatever I was working on. He made such an impact on me even though I haven’t seen him in ages, since moving out to the west coast. Raoul was so amazing, the world has lost a true legend. Prayers to all the family, love Zac and family.

  7. Mark Haun

    RIP pal. Love and prayers to his family from Leann and I.

  8. Jillian

    To Raoul’s precious family and dear friends – love and prayers to you all in this time of great sorrow. What a spectacular fellow he was. Raoul, I knew you for only a short amount of time earth-side, but I’m so glad I did – I’m better for it. I’m raising a dram of the Glengoyne to you, friend (the one you said was discontinued and you would know!) And when something really rad and wonderful happens in the world, I know there will be times when I, and maybe we all think “Raoul was in on this somehow, for sure!” What a brilliant legacy you have left. Rest easy, good sir.

  9. Carousel

    Sorry for your loss Berna.

  10. Darren Knoll

    I am so sorry and heartbroken for you and the kids loss, Berna. I first met Raoul back in the WEM days. He was such a joy to work with and one most honest and genuine persons I have ever met. One of the most memorable times I had with Raoul, was going to White Ave one Saturday and just sitting at a bench on the strip; people watching. His wit and comical ability was bar none, we definitely had some good laughs that night. I also remember the time we ran into each other in Vancouver, and I took you guys onboard a navy ship for a tour. What a fun and awesome day. Raoul was larger than life, a legend. The world has definitely lost such a beautiful soul. My prayers go out to the family. Rest easy, friend.

  11. Sol Abuan

    So beautiful said❤️…
    Raoul will surely be missed by many!
    May his soul Rest In Peace!
    Hugs to you, your three adorable boys, your Moms Sol and Fe!
    Take care

  12. Tom Ogaranko

    Sincere condolences to you Berna and the boys. May we all take some comfort in the happy memories we had with Raoul during these difficult days. I greatly enjoyed having the opportunity to get to know Raoul at Redengine. His talent was amazing. I enjoyed watching his development as a designer when he struck out on his own. I appreciated most of all, his obvious love of family shared through his social media posts with his unique and creative flair. We are all better for knowing him.

  13. Max

    I am so sorry to hear this news. I worked with him at Redengine and his talent and energy were inspiring. My thoughts are with you and the kids. My deepest condolences.

  14. Dan Cunningham

    I had the pleasure of working with Raoul at West Edmonton Mall as a Cash Pick-Up clerk in 2000 and since 2009 I have the pleasure of working with Berna at Rossdale. My condolences and prayers- Berna, Gabriel, Roman & Julian

  15. Jennifer Lucas

    Although I haven’t taught for over twenty years, my first two years of teaching were in Morinville where I had the pleasure of teaching Raoul. I recognized in him an immense talent and somewhere in my house I have an illustrated story he completed for me (I will find it and get it to you and your boys). Our paths crossed again years later when he was designing the website for the City of Fort Sask and I was one of the site reviewers…Raoul took me by the hand and introduced me to all of his colleagues as his teacher. It is clear by the words being expressed that he continued to impact those around him by sharing his talents. My thoughts are with the family . I am truly sorry for your loss.

  16. Lon Wenger

    Dear Bernadette,

    My heart, condolences, thoughts, prayers and anything else you and your boys need goes out to you and your family. Thank you for your beautiful words and pictures. I went to the U of A with Raoul.

    I remember Raoul so fondly and vividly. Upon first meeting him in that initial year he was so proud of his time at the KFC in Morinville. We instantly bonded over my time at the deep fryer for Harvey’s / Church’s Chicken. He often talked about how he took the time to strain the chicken and shake all of that unwanted grease away. As he told it, people came from all over town to eat and rave about his delicious chickens.

    He was also very insistent that the locally made custom tailored t-shirts from Nokomis were imperative in me catching the eyes of a good woman. “Girls notice man.” Raoul always looked good. We had a once-a-week Thursday Summer Session course that ran for ten weeks. I had a new tee and pair of jeans that I wore. Raoul, not yet into jeans at the time, complimented them specifically and my entire ensemble at that. “You look good man.” What was I to do? Raoul had just complimented MY style. Of course, I would wear this exact same outfit every Thursday over the next nine weeks. On the last class Raoul casually mentioned; “Ha. Did you know you’ve worn the same thing every class? I noticed week 2 and had been watching to see if you’d wear it again and you did! That is so awesome!” “Oh really?!” I responded innocently. “No. I hadn’t noticed.” I must have said it in such a way that he knew that I knew that the gig was up. We both just laughed. As we often did and would do for years to come.

    So much laughter.

    Raoul could say more with a giggle, arched eyebrow, signature grumble (MMMMM…) or elbow poke than most could with words.

    Raoul taught me so much during countless projects throughout our wonderful four years of University days. He was always patient and kind. I marveled at his skill and ingenuity early on. He tackled every challenge with humility and grace and fun. Sure, there was a time for work but why not include laughter, jokes and fun. That big, beautiful, beaming gigantic smile never left his face. He always listened and had a keen interest in learning from all those around him. He took and saw value in each and every opportunity.

    Raoul showed me how to make a beautiful box and lid in the most unexpected and unique way. This was for a class project and many of us, confounded by the mundane specifics of constructing a normal box, followed Raoul and his clever approach.

    At the end of our four-year program, it came time to make business cards and promote yourself to the awaiting design community. No one excelled at this more than Raoul. Though all made by hand his takeaways looked machined. They were absolutely perfect.

    During our program Raoul, Ann and I heard about an infamous University Sex Education Class. It was legendary and held during the summer in one of the largest auditoriums on campus. One of the units focused on the idea of sex and selling sex in Design. This intrigued us and directly applied to our course or so we thought. It was a great class. However, the University contested this curriculum as being applicable to our degrees and much needed credits. We were shocked. Instantly, Raoul knew just what to do. He promptly booked the three of us an appointment with our Program Head. Raoul calmly and persuasively talked the three of us out of our little predicament. He always knew just what to do. Of course, he even orchestrated us hand delivering a box of chocolates and handwritten thank you note afterwards. Such a class act through and through.

    With Raoul, fun and jokes usually always came first. This included many all nighters complete with late night runs to “Timmy Ho’s.” We were working late into the night in the FAB computer lab on the main floor as we often did. It was dark and spooky. Raoul knew I was skiddish. So, as I came around the corner, he jumped out at me and yelled. The funny thing though was that I saw all of this unfolding and he saw me saw but it still startled me so much so that I yelled at the top of my lungs and jumped about four feet in the air. Straight vertical. Raoul would spend the wee hours of the morning and the next day recounting this practical joke to anyone who would listen. He even went to the point of us re-enacting it countless times.

    Whether he was helping me out with a client, offering a ride in the Venga Bus or we were gushing over each other’s accomplishments it was always a pleasure to meet up with Raoul.

    We were able to keep in touch over the years. The last time I saw him was a few years ago at a Rust Magic event highlighting a panel of impressive women. One of the founders of Rust Magic, Annaliza, was asked what inspired her and among the things she listed was the bright and colourful shirt that Raoul was wearing. He was beaming. Like our University FAB Art Gallery catered show opening days we’d spend that entire evening eating the free food that was laid before us. “This is good!” “Did you have this?!” “Try this!” “I’ve had seven of those…” We’d spend the entire casual portion of the evening eating and chatting. Anytime we’d get together it usually involved good eats with Sam Wok Restaurant being our weapon of choice. We’d dine there many times.

    Last night, to honour his vivid memory, I took my wife Megan and our seven-year-old son Bennett there. We ate some of our favourites and I toasted my friend.

    I am so sorry for your loss.

    Raoul was such a light. A kind, beautiful soul. Always the life of the party.

    -Lon (Wenger)


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