Bernard (Bud) August WEHRHAHN

Bud passed away peacefully on September 20, 2021, at the age of 80 years.  He will be deeply missed by his loving wife of 52 years, Sherron, their children, grandchildren (great), siblings and numerous family and friends.


Bud worked for the Edmonton Fire Department up until his retirement.  Affectionately the other firemen would refer to Bud as “Crazy Bud”, as he was always involved in one prank or another.  


After retiring from the Fire Department Bud loved nothing more than helping his friends at harvest time.  This is something he looked forward to every year and if you asked what he did for a living his response was proudly “I am a farmer”.  


Bud loved the outdoors, he was his happiest skidoing, fishing (both summer and winter) and hunting. The kids learned very young how to fillet a fish or skin a moose.   What Bud loved most was sharing his passion with his son Trevor who still carries on their traditions of hunting and fishing and the love of the outdoors.


Anyone who knew Bud knew his greatest love was his family and friends.  His door was always open no matter the time of day or night, there was always a cold Pilsner waiting in the fridge.  Bud enjoyed meeting new people and no matter where he went he either knew people or left with new friends.


As per Buds wishes there will be no funeral service. He will be dearly missed by all that knew him.  The family asks that you share your fond memories and pictures to celebrate the man we all loved.  


In lieu of flowers please make a donation to a charity of your choosing.


The family would also like to extend our deepest gratitude to all of the staff at YouVille Home in St. Albert, Alberta for their excellent care and compassion for Bud over the last few months.


  1. Mckenzie

    I was fortunate enough to have so many great memories with my grandpa bud that I’m unable to pick just one to share. From pulling us behind the quad on a sled in the winter to a tub of water in the summer, taking us to pick peas from the farmers fields, watching storms on the porch together and him just sharing his love of the outdoors with us. He helped give me the best parts of my childhood and make me who I am today. He was a funny, kind and loving man that will be missed very much. I find comfort in knowing he had a great life with my grandma Sherron by his side, loving him unconditionally. She really truly loved and cared for him the way we all wish someone could for ourselves. She was the light of his life and I believe the love they had was of the purest kind. He really made an impact on everyone he met. He was the first one to tell me how proud he was of me. He always had a joke to tell and really was the life of the party. I will never forget our time spent together, every time I see pilsner beer or a Saskatchewan Roughriders jersey I will think of him. Just because he’s gone doesn’t mean he will be forgotten. I know a part of him will live on in everyone who knew him,as he left a mark on there hearts. Stay crazy grandpa bud!

  2. BARB

    My heart is heavy, you brought smiles to so many. Thanks Uncle Bud, see you on the other side. To ( Dawnelda )Lance, Deanna, Trevor, Stacy and Aunt Sherron, I am so sorry for your loss.

  3. Ray n Terri Mathieu.

    Our hearts and love and prayers are with you all. Rest in peace friend.

  4. Stephen

    Always enjoyed Bud’s company, I remember the Pig roasts and his smile.

  5. Ed Shelenko

    I met Bud when I started the EFD at station #2. He was always joking around, pulling pranks and starting water fights. He was one of the first firefighters I had the priviledge of going into a burning building with and enduring the heat and thick smoke. I was scared as hell but he taught me how much I could take. Along with the working fires we also enjoyed a lot of recreational fires while hunting, fishing, quading and snowmobiling. You were always a pleasure to be with Bud and I’ll always carry great memmories of time spent with you. I’ll see you at the next campfire one day and share a Pilsner. My condolences to Sherron and family for your great loss.

    • Trevor

      Ed you were a Huge part of our life growing up and such a good friend with dad thank you so much

      • Ed

        It was a real treat to hang out with you and your Dad all those years Trevor, many great memmories of some really great times spent with you two over the last many years.

  6. Peter Dashkewich

    I have worked with Bud many times over the year on the E.F.D. Bud was great to work with and was always a pleasure to chat with around the dinner table.
    Capt. Peter Dashkewich (retired)

  7. William Chabaniuk

    Captain Wehrhahn (Bud), was one of my first Captain’s who mentored me when I first joined the Edmonton Fire Department back in 1990 while stationed at Fire Station #1. I’ve never forgotten Bud and the impact he had on my “formative” years in the EFD. I don’t know if I’ve ever known a more genuine, kind, caring, and decent man than Bud. He was loved, absolutely loved by everyone who knew him. He knew how to lead men both in the fire station and on the fire ground, always looking out for us and the safety of the crew. Bud had such a calming effect on me and the crew and was so deeply respected by all of us. I often thought that one day, when I became an Officer, I’d want to emulate the caring leader that Bud was, and try to earn the respect that Bud so easily garnered from all us firefighters. I miss Bud’s sense of humor which often kept us on our toes because you never knew when the next prank was about to be sprung! Bud was world class and will never be forgotten. I am so grateful for having known him and will miss him terribly. Sincerely, Willie Chabaniuk

  8. Randy Shantz

    I had the pleasure of working and knowing Bud at Station #1. I will never forget those warm summer nights sitting outside on the bench on the station ramp…the ever present smile and cigarette in hand, just loving life and the moment. I have been fortunate to have good people come into my life that have had a profound effect on me personally; Bud is one of those people.

  9. Bill Schur

    My condolences to Sherron and Family. We have lost a very good man.

  10. Dan Derouin

    Awareness of my surroundings was heightened, when Bud had that certain mischievous grin on his face. You knew someone was going to fall victim to one of his pranks. Working at the fire hall with Bud, kept you on your toes, you never knew what to expect. Lots of good memories. Condolences to Sherron and family.

  11. Rollie Bullerkist.

    My sincere condolences to Sherron and family. We lost an EFD icon. Buds personality left an unforgettable impression with everyone he worked with and would have to say, everyone he met. It was an honor to have worked with Bud. Rest In Peace my friend.

  12. bigblockzd28

    Dad, you inspired us all to be who we are today. Taught us well in regards to how to enjoy life, be humorous when times were tough. I’m glad we were able to talk near the end and I am grateful knowing your memory will not fade. Each of us had a different bond with you in our own way and I am glad to be able to reflect on the days of working with you late into the night harvesting, taking you on road trips in my big rig and taking you for rides with my suped up trucks or cars. Hunting or fishing with Trevor and you are vivid memories and wish they still happened, but I can only now pass that way of life you showed us onto my sons. I know Brandon owes his avid hunting and fishing passions to you and know Zach will one day also have that love of the outdoors. Have a cold one on us as you bless the heavens with your grace and know you are loved by many and will be missed by all. Rest In Peace Dad.


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