Jolene Allison WIGINGTON

Sudden and unexpectedly, on September 5, 2022, Jolene Wigington of Beaver County passed away peacefully in her sleep. She was 44 years of age.

Jolene is lovingly remembered by her husband Joe and five children: Randi Probe, Avery Bowers (Terry Landry), Kennedy Wigington, Brody Wigington and Riley Wigington.

She also leaves her parents Alan and Denise Bileski of Ardrossan and her sister Carla (Mike) Inkster of Sherwood Park and their children Blake and Kiera.

Jolene will be missed by her maternal grandmother Gisele Weir of Duvernay, AB, her god-mother Roberta Tarkowski of St. Paul, her god-father Reg Lavallee of Duvernay, AB, as well as numerous aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.

Jolene was predeceased by her grandparents, Mike and Bertha Bileski her grandfather Barney Weir, her uncle Leonard Weir, Michael Bileski, Damon Bileski  and Joe’s parents Ron and Shirley Wigington.

A memorial service will be held on Saturday, September 17, 2022 at 11:00 a.m. at St. Laurent Roman Catholic Church in Brosseau, AB.

If friends so desire, memorial donations may be made to the Alberta Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Jolene was born on February 10, 1978, to proud parents Denise Bileski (nee Weir) and Alan Bileski.  She was born at 8:24 PM at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton.  She weighed 6 lbs. 11.5 oz. and was 20 3/4” long.  Jolene was a beautiful baby with nice pink skin because she was 2 weeks past the due date.  We could not have asked for a better baby as she loved her sleep and was sleeping through the night at 3 weeks old.  Most people thought we were exaggerating but some people witnessed it for themselves.

Jolene was a quick learner also, she walked at 10 months old, was talking in sentences at 18 months old, and potty trained at 20 months old.  When Jolene turned 2 years old we bought her a two wheeled bike with training wheels.  She rode her bike all winter in the basement and in the spring rode it outdoors but wanted her Dad to take off the training wheels.  The training wheels came off and away she went down the sidewalk with Dad chasing her just in case.  The training wheels never had to be put back on like we thought. 

On August 27, 1980 Jolene became a big sister and was excited to have a life size baby doll to play with.  The girls were very close when they were little, spending hours playing together and entertaining each other.  As typically happens, they were not as close as the pre-teen years approached but soon started hanging out as teenagers.  After they got married and started their families, they spent a lot of time together making many happy memories.

When Jolene was 3 years old we bought her a pair of training skates and after a few shuffles, off she skated. Same thing with water skiing.  At 4 years old Jolene was interested in trying to water ski.  Dad made brackets on small skis and tied them so they would stay close together.  The ski rope pulled on the front bracket which also held the rope handle.  Jolene would stand in about 4 inches of water and dad would run to pull her.  A few times and she wanted to try behind the boat.  Same thing except now the boat was doing the work.  Dad would drive for a bit then mom would keep the boat on a straight path and dad would pull Jolene along the side of the boat and then lift her in.  Jolene enjoyed this tremendously but then of course she wanted Carla to try.  Same routine and it was Carla being towed by dad, but the following season Carla would ski behind the boat.  A few years later Jolene moved on to using junior skis and after a few tries was up.  Then she wanted to try slalom.  Dad would ski beside Jolene and show her how to shift her weight and see which leg would be the lead one and which one would be better in the back boot.  Determined to succeed Jolene tried many times until she had the task under control.  After a couple of years she learned how to come out of the water with just the slalom ski. Once again a quick learner as she was determined and not afraid to try.

Jolene completed grade 1 in Edmonton and that summer we moved to an acreage near Ardrossan where she attended school.  This was the best move we ever made as before we unloaded the truck both girls met kids in the subdivision and were off bike riding.  Both girls loved the area and were always outside riding bikes, playing games, playing ball and even hockey in the winter.  Jolene always loved sports, especially ball.  In school she was on the basketball and volleyball teams.  She played on a fastball team as a teenager and as an adult.  She always enjoyed team sports and was very competitive. 

From the age of 8 to 15 Jolene took piano lessons.  She was a very good piano player and went high enough in the Royal Conservatory music exams to be able to teach beginner piano.  She also sang and competed in the Kiwanis Festival and Sherwood Park Music Festival. She once told her aunt she had also sang on television.  When questioned, she said her dad took her off because she was scratching the top of the TV climbing on.  Her dad used to tell this story to his friends and she thought it was funny so she used this quote when the opportunity arose. 

In 1998 Jolene had the first of two daughters. Avery was born on November 09, 1998. Jolene married Joe Wigington on April 04 2004 and a second daughter followed with the birth of Kennedy on February 03, 2005. Jolene was excited to find out she was pregnant again and it was a boy. Brody was born on August 27, 2006. When she became pregnant again, she was surprised but felt it was meant to be.  When Riley was born on February 20, 2009 she truly felt that her family was complete.

Jolene enjoyed being a stay at home mom and had unconditional love for her kids and family.  She always put their needs first, striving to be the best mom.  She was very excited for Avery to make her a Grandma in November. Jolene and Joe enjoyed many family outings which included camping, water skiing, knee boarding, snowmobiling, snow skiing, snowboarding, quadding, and many family vacations.  Their favorite holiday was to Kauai in Hawaii.

Right from young Jolene was always rescuing some animal from harm’s way.  Just about every pet we owned was either abandoned or made its way into our yard.  Of course we had to keep it!  Just a couple of years ago she gathered up 3 kittens from her grandparent’s farm and took them home.  Their mother had died so she became their mother and bottle fed them back to being healthy.  One was sick and did die but the other 2 are still at her place happy and healthy.

Jolene accomplished so much in her short life.  She attended Alberta College to get her Transcription Diploma and transcribed for the hearing impaired.  She did this briefly from home and then went to work for a law firm as a Legal Assistant in Edmonton until the family moved to Beaver County.  She stayed at home raising her young family. Once Riley began school, Jolene decided to work with Joe at their company.  She did this for a couple of years doing the accounting and payroll. Jolene had an opportunity to work for a lawyer in Tofield.   This was the field of work she enjoyed.  She became a Commissioner for Oaths / Paralegal at this time also.  The children were attending Cornerstone Christian Academy School so Jolene decided it would be closer to work there.  She did work for them for a couple of years and did volunteer work to raise funds for the school.  Jolene then had an opportunity to work for the Village of Riley as an assistant to the CAO where she was presently employed.  Jolene found this job very challenging and rewarding at the same time.

Jolene had the biggest heart and was always willing and eager to help anyone that she knew needed a helping hand. We are so glad we have done so many things together as a family.  Camping, fishing, holidays, family meals, special celebrations at her grandparents, and this included all the extended family.  Her grandmother, sister, brother in law, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, friends, and work associates will miss her because she touched so many people in her life.  She wasn’t only our first born daughter, she was also our best friend and we will miss our chats, texts, and visits.  Rest in Peace Jolene and we will always love you.



  1. Greg Silver

    Our thoughts and prayers are to Jolene’s family. Her faith was strong and gave us encouragement to stay strong during these times.

  2. Michelle Peterson

    I am so thankful to have known Jolene. She will be greatly missed! Our deepest condolences and hugs xxx

    • Darcy Kuzyk

      With Deepest Sympathy I’m thinking of the Bileski family at this difficult time. I grew up with Jolene & Carla, so sad to hear. Please stay strong, lean on one another.

    • Sylvia Kern

      My heart goes out to the whole family.She was a beautiful person inside and out.

  3. Lydia Grams

    Our deepest condolences to Jolene’s family at this sudden loss. We really enjoyed knowing her throughout the last number of years. She was always a blessing to us. May God give you peace and strength and comfort. Brandon, Lydia, Andrew and Juleya Grams

    • Angie Haddock

      We are deeply sadden to hear of Jolene passing, we are in shock and can’t imagine the pain her family is feeling right now. We got to know her from Kingman Cornerstone Christian School when she worked there, such a sweet soul and always had a beautiful smile to greet you with and always made you feel special. Sending prayers of peace, comfort, strength, peace most of all love. Jolene you touched alot of hearts in your lifetime big and small, you will never be forgotten ♥
      Peter, Angie, Hunter, Abigail Haddock

  4. Lisa Soady

    My family is deeply saddened to hear of this tremendous loss. Jolene was a wonderful woman and a great help to all the students at CCA. Our condolences to the family

    • Steve and Diana Gully

      Our deepest sympathy to all the family. God bless you all.

  5. Michael Ilsemann

    Your presence we miss. Your memories we treasure. Loving you always. Forgetting you never! Someone as special as Jolene will never be forgotten. She will remain in our hearts forever! Ella & Mike

  6. Evelyn Cleveland

    Denise and Al and all of your family I’m so very sorry to hear of Jolene’s passing God wanted a beautiful Angel by his side. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you always. Love to you all.

  7. Trevor and Adele Hoflin and family

    Joe, Kennedy, Brody and Riley- we were shocked and saddened to hear of Jolene. May you find comfort in the days ahead knowing she’s in the loving care of her Heavenly Father. Praying for peace and comfort for you. Jolene was an amazingly kind lady who we came to appreciate very much. Love to you all.

  8. Roxanne

    We love you and miss you Jolene. Our hearts are really heavy and our thoughts and prayers for the family go up. We are lost for words. Just know we love you Kennedy and Riley.

  9. Willie Gavinchuk

    Our deepest sympathy is extended to Joe and the entire family as they endure this sorrow. May the Lord hold you close and guide you, on the path forward.
    Willie Gavinchuk

  10. Pat Olsen

    My dearest condolences Al and Denise, and all of the family, on the loss of your daughter, sister, wife and mother.

    • Sasha Marks

      We would chat every year on the September long weekend for as long as I can remember. Such a wonderful person tragically gone too soon. My heart breaks for her family and friends. My deepest condolences go out to you all.

  11. Katherine Svanda

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you all, condolences Carla, Mike and family so sorry to hear of the loss of your sister Danny and Kathy Svanda

  12. Crystalyn Lavoie

    My prayers and condolences are with Jolenes family.

  13. Dale Barfoot

    We are very saddened to hear of Jolene’s passing. Sincere condolences to your family during this difficult time. May you find some peace in your memories of Jolene. Dale and John Barfoot

  14. Falkenberg

    I am deeply shocked and so saddened to hear of your families deep loss. Jolene reached out to me during my battle with cancer as our children went to school together. I have had short but entirely meaningful chats with her. I will never forget her and I will keep you, the family in my prayers…her presence has obviously far passed just a close circle. Her impact on me is huge. I pray father God’s abounding love, strength and depth as you walk through the coming days, months and years.
    My love, Ranelle

  15. Randy

    RIP Jolene, your family and friends will miss you dearly and so will I. Till we meet again.

  16. Ken & Victoria Napora

    Sincerest sympathy to all of Jolene’s family. Sending prayers for comfort, peace and strength in your time of sorrow.

  17. Ken and Victoria Napora

    Deepest sympathy to all of Jolene’s family. Sending prayers of comfort, peace and strength in your time of sorrow.

  18. Grainne

    I only met Jolene a few times at a mutual friends home but it was my pleasure and honour to have been in her and her family’s company. A beautiful kind soul, I’m sorry for your loss. May she RIP.

  19. Ken & Victoria Napora

    Our deepest sympathy Alan and Denise and family.

  20. Sheldon Reid

    I am so saddened by the sudden passing of Jolene, she was always a smile at the village office and was dedicated to the work she was doing in order to make Ryley a better Village. She will be sadly missed by all of Council and administration. We never know what tomorrow will bring hug the ones you love each and everyday

  21. Sheldon Reid

    Our Condolences go out to the family and all that knew Jolene, she will be missed by all that knew her.

  22. Dave Strong

    Joe and Family. We are so incredibly sorry for your loss.

    Dave and Susan Stro g

  23. Nik Lee

    I am deeply saddened by the sudden transition of my friend Jolene (“Wiggy”). I could never think of Wiggy in the past because I know that although she is not with us physically, she is with God and always will be. I was fortunate enough to know how much she loved God. Wiggy will always be a class act, and a point of light wherever she is. And, I can still hear that giggle.

    Avery, Kennedy, Brodie, Riley, and Joe, know that you have always been the people to put the biggest smile on Wiggy’s face. I know this for a fact. I leave you with this “we do not lose the ones we love, they only go before, where there is peace and everlasting love, and their suffering is no more.”

    Whenever you think of Wiggy I ask you to ask yourself: WWJD – What Would Jolene Do? The answer will always put a smile on your face.

    God bless you all – to her family – and her friends. We are richer for having known her. Stay strong!

  24. Mark Shukaliak

    Jolene was hands down my favorite at the family functions. Declan and I send our deepest sympathy.

  25. Rae


    I’ve prayed about this many times since your passing, but I want to put it here so others can know the side of you that was shared with me: thank you for the things you taught me during my internship. Thank you for your patience and willingness to explain the things I didn’t understand – like a Council package.

    Thank you for being there during the last week of January to help me heal through my own grieving process earlier this year, and for making me a stronger person. I still have your last e-mail in my inbox with the usual smiley face – I’ve flagged it, and will never delete it. I never thought it would be the last way we communicated during your time on Earth, and I will keep it as a reminder – of a precious friend, beloved colleague, and brilliant mentor.

    I miss you a lot, and, while no permission is needed on my part, I entrust you to God’s care, and thank Him for sharing you with me.

  26. Clara

    My heart goes out to the family. This is a huge loss. I met Jolene when my son Will started Kindergarten last year in 2021.Jolene was very nice and kind. She will be deeply missed.

  27. Brenda, Eric, Leah and Kara Vanderbeek

    Our Condolences go out to the family and all that knew Jolene. She was an amazing person and will be missed by all that were so blessed to have known her.

  28. Dallys and wade smigorowsky

    We were shocked and saddened for you all. We are
    So very sorry to your families. Love, the Smig’s

  29. Stewart

    Joe and family, Jolene was such an amazing generous person who loved her family and was genuinely kind and thoughtful. She was so proud of you all and when she spoke about you it was always with love shining in her eyes. I am sure her love of family will carry on – she will continue wanting the best for you even if it is from heaven. Please take care, and support one another. Sorry for your loss, the Stewart’s

  30. John and Catherine Jensen

    We feel the loss of a kindred spirit, who cared for her family by being vigilant about the environment of the world around her. Jolene was proactive in helping bring resilience and safety to her communities. In our eyes, she was a true beautiful protective Moma Bear. We think of her often, whether it is going past an Indian food restaurant, the intersection of Highway 14, and/or many other places that continue to instill fond memories of her spirit. We still cannot fathom that she is gone. God (Source) will help guide her soul to her next journey and we were blessed to have met her in this life. She will be missed. Our strength and prayers are extended to her family and friends. John and Catherine Jensen


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