Essential Cremation


This the Essential Cremation package. Unlike the Basic package, the Essential package is designed for families who wish to meet in-person with the funeral director and receive an additional level of care.

Other arrangements and options can be added at an additional cost as you require.

    • Transfer of deceased into our care from place of death (24 hr service).
    • Arrangement Conference with our Licensed Funeral Director at our Funeral Home or at the family’ residence.
    • Registration of Death with the Department of Alberta Vital Statistics
    • Certificate for Cremation from the Medical Examiner’s Office
    • Funeral Directors Statements of Death (10 is the standard amount but more can be issues at no additional cost)
    • Preparation of Obituary, submission to the requested newspaper(s)/publication(s). Charges are determined by the specific publication and are an extra cost
    • Creation of a personal page for your loved one on our website providing a place for family and loved ones to share comments, memories, and express condolences
    • Cardboard Cremation Casket
    • Cremation
    • Cremated remains may be returned in a simple cardboard box.
    • Alberta Funeral Service Regulatory Board fee
    • Completion of CPP Forms
    • Dressing and personal care
    • Additional charges may apply for transfers outside the greater Edmonton area and/or if additional staff are required.
    • If a cardboard cremation casket is selected, any deceased over 180lbs may require a plywood support tray which is an additional fee.

    Other arrangements & options

    Need more than what’s listed above? We are happy to assist you with additional options as you require for the Essential Cremation package. Additional charges apply.

    Upgraded cremation casket

    Embalming, preparation, dressing & cosmetics of deceased

    Viewing of deceased at our facility

    Obituary in the Edmonton Journal or Edmonton Sun (or other publication). Lineage rate applies.

    Stationary package - Includes memorial book, pens, & personalized memorial folders

    Clergy/Celebrant honorarium

    Floral arrangements

    Soloist and/or musicians' honorariums

    Limousines for family

    Funeral Coach

    Lead Vehicle

    Video tribute presentation

    Video taping of the Service

    Thank You Cards

    Estate Assistance options

    Final Document Service

    Our Urns

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    Inquire about our Essential Cremation package today.

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Basic Info

    What is the purpose of embalming?
    Embalming is a process used to sanitize and temporarily preserve the body of a person who has passed away. It can also enhance the appearance of a person that has suffered damage from an accident or illness. By preserving the body through embalming, we can give you and your family time to make personalized and meaningful arrangements, including a viewing if desired.
    Who should make the funeral arrangements?
    The person with the legal authority to make funeral arrangements is the Executor of the Will. Sometimes, by mutual agreement, the authority to make the arrangements is passed on to someone in the family or a friend of the family. You should be aware whoever signs the funeral service agreement is financially responsible for the funeral.

    Service Info

    Can I still have a viewing and/or a funeral service with cremation?
    Yes, we encourage you to do so. By choosing cremation, you are indicating how you’d like to care for your loved one after the service takes place, and most definitely does not exclude you from celebrating and honouring their life. We’re happy to design a meaningful service to accompany the cremation. 
    What is a viewing?
    A viewing—also known as “visitation,” a “wake,” or “calling hours”—can involve an open or closed casket, and is seen as a vital part of the grieving process. Having a loved one present often helps family and friends to accept the reality of their loss, especially for those who may not have seen him or her in a while. The opportunity to come to terms with the death and say a final farewell is an important step on the road to closure and healing.
    Should I bring my children to the funeral?
    You should use your judgment to determine whether your child is old enough to comprehend death, or whether attending the funeral will be meaningful to them. It’s important for children to be allowed to express their grief and share in this important ritual. If you bring young children, explain beforehand what they will see and experience. If your child becomes restless, it is acceptable protocol to exit the service and return when you feel ready.
    Can I supply my own flowers for the service?
    Yes you can. However, for your convenience, you may choose to order from our in-house florist who can design a floral arrangement package to meet your requirements.