DeCOCK, Shaelynn Rhea

It is with heavy hearts, the family of Shaelynn DeCock announces her passing at the age of 29 years. After a week in a coma, Shaelynn transitioned from our world surrounded by loved ones at the Royal Alex Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta on August 2, 2023.

Shaelynn is survived by her mother Cindy DeCock, her grandmother Marilyn McLaughlin, and her Uncle Joe. She leaves behind her boyfriend (Amirnezman) Nader Abtahai and her best friend Lacey Psybyla as well as many close friends.

She was predeceased by her grandfather Harvey DeCock on December 21, 2021.

Shaelynn Rhea DeCock arrived fashionably late on January 13, 1994, after her mom Cindy spent 55 hours in labour at the Grey Nuns Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta.

From a very young age, Shaelynn’s feminine qualities stood out with her love for hair, beauty and of course the color pink. She developed a strong connection with animals and took and interest in caring for the family pets.

Shays’ blended family consisted of her stepdad Mike and two step-siblings. She enjoyed many summers camping throughout B.C. with them. Shay was exposed to many cultures growing up as her family participated in the student exchange program for many years. She excelled at Cadets and moved up the ranks quickly, becoming a leader as 2nd Class Senior Petty Officer. Her best high-school friends were Jayden Strephuk and Chelsea Farrah.

After high school, Shay waitressed at various nightclubs and restaurants around Edmonton. She moved to Sylvan Lake in 2015 to be closer to her grandmother Marilyn, with whom she had a very strong and special bond. She moved back to Edmonton in the summer of 2022 where she met her boyfriend Nader.

Shaelynn had an uncanny way of connecting with people spiritually and touched many with her messages. She made a memorable impression on everyone she met, developing meaningful and profound relationships remembered fondly by even those who lost touch over the years. Her generous and caring heart showed with her thoughtful gifts and attention to detail in others lives.

Shay’s dream was to use her life experiences and create life coaching workshops and programs as well as becoming a motivational speaker focused on women empowerment and escaping abuse. We hope to make this dream a  reality in honour of her legacy.

A celebration will be held on Saturday at the Accidental Beach in Edmonton, Alberta. Her ashes will be spread by her very close loved ones on Sylvan Lake at a later date. Instead of wearing black, we encourage attendees to wear pink, in remembrance of Shay’s favourite color. As an animal enthusiast, donations in her name may be made to the Edmonton Humane Society.


  1. A Kent

    Dearest Cindy & Uncle Joe

    We are so heartbroken at the loss of your beautiful Shaelynn.

    May her playful soul shine on and may her memory be a blessing to mend your broken hearts.

    We are sending our deepest heartfelt condolences to you both.

    Bob, Marlena, Arianna, Kristen & Arlette.

    • Jeanine Palm

      I still cannot believe this happened. Shaelynn was my sister and my best friend and I am completely lost without her. This isn’t fair and was not the plan. I miss you more then I could ever express. You will always be in my heart and missed so much. Never forgotten and no matter where I go in life shae ii will always bring you with me.

      • Cindy


      • Cindy

        There are no words to describe my feelings .. I am so numb and in complete shock ..

        Shae has been my EVERYTHING for the last 30 years ? Watching her in a coma for a week hoping she would magically wake up was heart wrenching .. then deciding to donate her organs seemed right .. but when they wheeled her away I literally stopped breathing. That was IT …My heart split open and bled. It feels like it has as permanent hole gushing pain and sorrow! 🙁

        I hold on to the thought of her organs being able to assist other people with a healthy life .. I envision a 4 year boy being brought to me by his parents to say thank you for her lungs … Being so grateful for being able to breathe again..

        Her memorial was beautiful and it was apparent Shae was there . It helped somewhat to start to seperate from her beautiful presence.

        I have no idea how long I will be sad .. feels like never …may God himself help me to find the courage and strength to carry on and focus on keeping myself healthy and productive .. .

        I want to greive and feel my feelings but when I try start gasping for air .. I guess in God’s time this process will begin.

        I love you Shae
        To the moon and back
        To infinity and beyond

      • liberty

        so very sad to hear this

    • Cindy

      Many thanks Coombe and Kent family … Your firm is more than legal representation to us … You are just like family and our dear friends … Your support and understanding throught the last year has been amazing !!

  2. Vanore Voaklander

    This is incredibly sad. We remember Shaelynn as a child in Elementary. Her mischievous nature and courage to push boundaries while keeping everyone around her thinking and laughing were her trademarks. We were so fond of her and still recall those old memories warmly and often. We’d like to send sincere condolences to all who love Shaelynn.

    Vanore – (Bridget’s mom)

  3. Danica

    I knew Shaelynn in elementary and parted ways as friends do when they go to different schools. We reconnected about a year ago and went into nostalgic mode and talked about our memories. I was going to message her to ask how she was doing when I saw the posts regarding her passing. She was a bright and beautiful soul on some of my darkest days as a kid. One full of kindness and compassion that I will forever cherish. Thinking of your family and friends during these hard times. I’ll miss you forever 🤍

  4. Lana Davies

    Shae, we had our ups and our downs. But during those few years when it came down to it, if we needed to, we had each other to lean on. I know I was a hard ass and gave you a hard time sometimes, but you also know why. And I’m glad we were able to talk about that and clear the air long before this completely avoidable tragedy occurred…
     All I saw was potential in you. You better keep an eye on me from up there, knock some  sense into me if you see me acting a fool lol!
     You always mattered Shaelynn. To more people then you would have ever imagined. 

     I hope that where ever you are, any and all of the hurt and trauma you were feeling and suffering through every day is long gone and you’re finally able to just rest and be surrounded by peace. 
     I’m so grateful for our time other. 
     You’re free now honey, and that’s what keeps me from feeling only sadness, knowing there’s no more pain in your heart…

    I love you Shae  

  5. Angel Sutherland

    Shae, I am so very saddened by JUST finding out about this. I won’t ever forget the time I met you and the time we spent together. The impact you had on me and the absolute joy you brought to my life won’t ever be forgotten!! Your smile lit up any room you ever entered and your laugh was overly infectious!! And no matter how bad of a mood a person was in, you had this knack of turning that right around. No matter if I didn’t want to be in a better mood, you made sure that I was and within 3 mins, you usually had me smiling and holding my stomach from laughing so hard.

    Cindy, I’m so deeply sorry for your loss my friend!! My heart goes out to you and may the good Lord help heal your heart at this time in your journey. Just know that your precious Angel is just that…. An Angel now and she is always by your side!! All my love to you my friend!!



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