Zaniel Dennis FIGOL

Zan passed away in May of 2023.  He is survived by his wife Judy, daughters Cathy and Jezebel (Caroline), grandson Bram, son-in-law John, brother Ernie, and much-loved family and friends.

Zan was born in 1931 in Lamont, Alberta.  He graduated from the University of Alberta in 1960 with a degree in Civil Engineering.  He married Judy in 1960 and they celebrated their 63rd anniversary just days before his passing.

Zan was a true original.  A bon vivant.  A sharp-dressed man.  A world traveler. A licensed pilot at age 17.  A fantastic gardener (his yard was beautiful).  An expert mixologist (his cocktails were legendary).  The host with the most.  A man with a gift for the gab (he loved long chats about all things financial and all things engineering).

He will be missed.

In memory of Zan and in lieu of flowers, please consider growing flowers at your own home or consider a donation to the Alberta Cancer Foundation (10123 – 99 Street, Edmonton, AB, T5J 3H1).


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  1. Allan Yee

    I’m going to miss Zan. I worked with him at the City of Edmonton for decades, first in the Wastewater Treatment Section (he was, more or less, the wastewater treatment specialist in the small engineering section out of West Chambers while I was the Operations Engineer at the Gold Bar WWTP). We were then both Senior Engineers in the Waste Management Branch until he retired from the City. Zan looked after residential recycling issues while I looked after composting organics. Even after he retired, he phoned me a couple of times about the structural defects in the roof of the aeration hall building at the composting plant that the media reported on and we talked for a while.


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