Umlesh Lata MANI

Born as Umlesh Lata Dass in the beautiful Islands of Nadi Fiji. Umlesh was the 4th eldest child in her family of 7 children. She was always helpful with her younger siblings. Her eldest brother the Late Mr. Harvey Dass decided to move to Canada in the 1970’s in search of a better life for his family. And so, after getting settled he brought his family who made their way to Vancouver, Canada in the 1980’s. Umlesh had ambitions to become a nurse, she wanted to help people.  She started working at a local hospital. In 1981 she was introduced to her husband the Late Mr. Bhaskaran (Bob) Mani and they were married in January 1983. Bob and Umlesh wanted a family of their own and welcomed their 1st child, a daughter, Vineeta in 1984, they welcomed their 2nd child, a son Krishnil in 1986. 

With the help from her older brother Bob and Umlesh decided to move to Edmonton in 1989 for a better life for their new family to find a home. Umlesh started working to be an RN at the Misericordia Hospital and welcomed their 3rd child, a son, Chris in 1990. Their family was complete. Umlesh was adored by all her co-workers, her friends and family. She was always willing to help people and had a wonderful heart. Her personality was so charming that she could befriend anyone. She was always super nice to everyone, she made sure that you always ate when coming over, sometimes too much. She loved to laugh and crack jokes especially with her husband. 

She is survived by her children; Vineeta, Krishnil & Chris, her son-in-law Aman and daughter in law Eleana and grandson Drueson. She will be greatly missed by her entire family including her brother in laws; Dave, Raj, Narend, Vijay, Jiten and Jaynesh & her sister in laws; Ashika, Neelu, Kajal, Sangeeta and Padmani & her nieces & nephews who adored their auntie; Deepika, Jessica, Archana, Sagaar, Melvyn and Avinika. Her beautiful smile will always be remembered, may she rest in peace. 

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  1. Greg Komarniski

    My condolences to the entire Mani and Dass families for the loss of Umlesh. She was indeed a kind woman who will be greatly missed.

    See you in another life, deedee!


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