Rosalie Marie TEWS

A memorial service for Rosalie will take place Tuesday, June 27th from 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. at the Glenwood Community League, 16430-97 Avenue. 

See zoom recording of the service below.

In Loving Memory of Rosalie Marie Tews
(May 16, 1954 – June 13, 2023)

Sing a little song of loneliness
Sing one to make me smile
Another round for everyone
I’m here for a little while

Rosalie Marie Tews, fondly known as Rose, Aunty Rosie, and mom, leaves
behind a legacy of love, laughter, and a zest for life that touched the
hearts of all who had the privilege of knowing her.

Born on May 16, 1954, in Westlock Alberta, Rose brought joy and light to her
parents Joseph and Tillie Tews. They and her older sister Joann welcomed her
lovingly to their family farm. Her impact resonated throughout her life and
continues to resonate after her death. She was one of the greats, gone too

Tillie said Rose gave her the hardest childbirth, and that was the first indicator
of her independent and feisty character. She said that although Rose was a
child that tested and pushed her boundaries as a mother, she loved her all
the same. Despite her moments of defiance, Rose was a loving and
compassionate person. In the end, Tillie said, she could trust Rose with

Rose also shared an unbreakable bond with her older sister Joann (despite
their occasional sibling squabbles). Joann fondly recalls their playful
adventures and the times when Rose fearlessly followed her own path—even
if it meant ignoring Joann’s warnings. Rose’s rebellious spirit was
undeniable, and it was precisely this quality that made her magnetic
and popular among those that knew her.

Sindy, her younger sister, reminisces about how Rose took her under her
wing and showed her how to embrace a carefree spirit. She brought Sindy to
her first folk music festival, showed her the thrill of rebellion, and thrust her
into all sorts of adventures with the cool kids. It was safe to say that Rose had a way of making everyone feel included and valued. She easily built a circle of friends who cherished her presence.

Rose’s impact on others extended far beyond her youthful adventures. She
experienced a transformative phase in her life, going from an awkward
teenager to a social butterfly and nature enthusiast.

Her passion for socializing and meeting new people was unmatched, and her
gatherings were legendary. She created countless memories, inviting friends
to enjoy each other’s company, laughter, and the occasional indulgence in a
shared joint or drink. She had a deep love for live music and dancing, always
finding joy in the rhythm and melodies of jazz, blues, and rock and roll.
Although she initially shied away from getting her hands dirty, her move to
an acreage and a newfound sense of happiness and serenity changed
everything. Rose developed a deep appreciation for the wonders of
nature, finding solace in the plants and animals that lived amongst her.
In fact, her acreage became a haven for many people, young and old, to
experience the joys of connecting with the natural world.

As a sister, Rose inspired both Joann and Sindy in different ways. Even as
adults, Rose continued to teach Joann new things and create cherished
memories, such as their annual blackberry picking and jam-making tradition.
Her generosity knew no bounds, and she remained a pillar of support
and love throughout their lives.

Rose’s journey was marked by significant milestones and achievements. She
spent her school days at Glendale, Hillcrest, and Jasper Place High School.
Later, her determination led her to obtain an LPN qualification and build a
decades long career at the Misericordia Hospital.

In between being employed at the Misericordia, Rose spent some time
working for the Worker’s Compensation Board. There she met James Courty
(Jim), a young man recovering from a work injury. Perhaps unsurprisingly,
Rose’s nurturing spirit and dedication extended beyond her professional life.
Her and Jim fell in love and eventually got married.

In April 1986, they welcomed their son Dylan Courty. Although Jim and Rose
eventually drifted apart, she continued to lovingly raise her son, who brought
immeasurable joy to her life.

Dylan cherishes the endearing relationship he had with his mother. Her
vibrant personality shone brightly throughout her life. He said he will sorely
miss her laughing, dancing, and attempts at singing. But, undoubtedly,
Rose’s most significant contribution was her ability to see the beauty
and goodness in others.

She had a remarkable talent for embracing those who might have been
overlooked by society, cherishing them like little birds with broken wings. Her
friendship knew no bounds, and she would go to great lengths to support
those she cared about. Her genuine heart and unwavering kindness touched
the lives of many.

In the memories shared by those closest to her, Rose’s infectious smile and
laughter stand out as the defining aspects of her personality. Whether it
was hosting lively dinners or surprising loved ones with Christmas gifts, her
presence lit up any room she entered. Her positive energy and the joy she
emanated were contagious, brightening the lives of those around her.
Rosalie Marie Tews was a remarkable woman who embraced life with open
arms. She will be deeply missed but forever remembered as a radiant soul
who brought happiness, laughter, and an unyielding love for others into
the world.

May her memory serve as a reminder to us all to live each day with passion,
kindness, and an unwavering appreciation for the simple joys that surround
Rest in peace, dear Rose.

Now I’m walking this street on my own
But she’s with me everywhere I go
Yeah I found an angel, I found my place
I can only thank god it was not too late


  1. Janice Peters

    Rose 🌹, you were my best true friend and my honorary sister and I miss you so much. I know that you are with the real angels now💕 love, Janice

  2. Jackie Kochan

    My dearest friend, Rose 🌹. How saddened I am to hear you have entered a new journey to Heaven above. I will miss you so very much. Family gatherings will never be the same without you there. Rest In Peace my beautiful hippie friend 💔🌹 My big hugs to Tillie, Joann, Sindy and Dylan. 🙏🏼💔🌹

  3. Dayleen (Tews) Todd

    My dearest Rose, that’s what you truly were and are is a Rose, I don’t know how many times just seeing your face and talking to you made a person feel better and safer. If it was in the hospital where you would always end up showing up at the perfect time, even when a person wasn’t expecting it, or at a family gathering. You were one of the most amazing ladies I knew and had the privilege of calling family. Love you Rose 🌹

    • Jesse

      My sweet Taunta, ich liba diche. I will see you on the other side my angel.

  4. Doug Courty

    My sincere condolences to the family.


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