Russell Owen WHITEMAN

Russell died on scene of a tragic single vehicle rollover early in the morning of July 2nd 2023. He was working as a carni traveling around for the summer. And he was on his way home to Edmonton from a Canada Day weekend carnival in Regina when the accident occurred.

Russ was born on September 28th 1986 to Ron Whiteman and Beth Rothenberger in Toronto, Ontario. Blue eyes and brown hair he was the most handsome little guy.

He is survived by his mother; father and stepmother Michele; siblings- Matthew, Bennett, Elissa, Maribeth, Jordan, Jefferson, Samuel; his sudo-siblings; Rayne-Anne and Evan and sudo-mom and dad, Carrie and Cy. He is also survived by his children; Austin, Faith, and Kayden. As well as many nieces and nephews.

Russell had a detailed life with many ups and downs and a lot of startovers. Though it wasn’t always easy to track him down he always found us when he was ready. He spent a lot of his teenage years in Edmonton, Alberta, making meaningful connections with the people around him. And went back and forth from Ontario and Alberta over the years.

Russel was very nomadic and believed in living freely, unafraid to make changes to his life regularly. He was courageous and his charisma was contagious. Many found him easily likable although there is no denying that it wasn’t always easy for everyone to retain a strong relationship with him. In spite of the difficulties Russell faced over his life he always remained a generally positive, motivated, and determined man. He was always fighting for a better life. 

Now he may rest easy for the fight is no more. He will be remembered greatly by all who he impacted and loved. 

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  1. Kasi

    Thank you for the many years of friendship. I will forever miss you bro. RIP

  2. Melyssa

    Oh the stories I could tell about back in the day! You we be miss by many.

  3. Sandy Rozak

    Isn’t this so true. Russell always knew where to find me. And wasn’t that long ago he came for a quick visit to say hi and check up on his nieces. He was my brother for many years. As a teenager we would always hang out. He always watched mama mia with me. And I always took his hats. Matter of fact I have 2 of his still. When we first moved into our home he was there, he helped build his neices bed and helped me out with the tramopline. He was good like that. Always helpful.
    Gone way to soon. Breaks my heart knowing I won’t ever get those surprise visits to see how we are doing. My brother I’ll miss you tons and our hang outs. Love you and see you again one day. ❤️

  4. Erin

    I’ve known Russell who I affectionately referred to as Brussell for over 20 years, we grew up together and shared far too many memories and moments! Russ was my brother, roommate trusted friend but most importantly my family. from stealing my hoodies since it was his brotherly right to long drives in his Mercedes all the way around the Henday jamming out with a coffee because we both had a rough day… Russ was my hero when I ran out of Tampons and my champion when I needed defending…it hurts he’s gone and its harder since we were estranged. I always hoped we’d be at the same place and I’d get his typical greeting of “what up fucker” and we’d hug it out. Coffee’s and a music road trips will always be fondly remembered, until we meet again.

  5. Candace Kelly

    It hard to even put words to a friend who I know had the beautiful heart. It hard to know that we won’t have conversations any more only memories. I still remember me being so angry at you in high school and you scooped me up and hugged me and kept saying I couldn’t be mad at you. And there was many times later in life we argued or got mad but the truth is I’m so grateful for knowing you. Rest easy my friend


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